Surjeet Memorial College of Education

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Epicenter/Focus area

Invest your mind in the classroom, divert your talents in co-curricular activities and sports for the holistic development of personality. Working with this aim in minds, we lay special emphasis on –

  Classroom lectures with latest teaching aids like multimedia projectors, O.H.P, A.V.Aids etc.
  Well planned Field Assignments/Surveys.
  Guest lectures/ Extension Lectures
  Case studies
  Workshop / Seminars
Curricular activities are designed to help the students to develop-
  In depth knowledge of fundamentals and their application to real-world scenario.
  A Technological literacy and intelligence with the ability to use information strategically.
  Communication skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork, ethics, morality  etc.
  Character building, spirit healthy competition and dignity of labour.
Institute-Potential Employer Interface

To bridge the gap between what is taught and what is required by the stakeholders, we stress upon

  Institute-Potential Employer Linkage through teaching practice in schools, inviting school students to college, helping schools by donating A.V Aids  and guest lectures of educationists from different schools, colleges and community

Productive partnership with schools and inviting suggestions from the potential employers for incorporating modification in our approach
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